translate SA™

translate SA™ is an educational, entertaining, and interactive multi-lingual and multi-cultural language product, that teaches locals to ‘speak S’African’ in a fun, tangible way! Packaged in food containers with tongue-and-cheek product information, this original magnetic fridge product is available in Slup Slango, Home-made Lingo, Traditional Township Lingo, Stewed Rainbow Lingo, and Kid’s Lunch-Box Lingo.

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TranslateSA Products

Kid’s lunch-Box Lingo

Contains a fun kit of colour-coded fridge magnets to help kids translate parts of the body into 5 local lingos (English, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho & Afrikaans). Includes a fun illustration with a parent-teacher play-guide and pronunciation tips.

TranslateSA Products

Traditional Township Lingo

Contains over 190 makoya (original) Tsotsi-Taal fridge magnets, topped with ‘dictionary definitions’ for a grand (cool) local flavor.

TranslateSA Products

Stewed-Rainbow Lingo

Contains 30 magnetic speech bubbles with fun stereotypical S’African expressions and cultural nuances that’ll make you lag (laugh)!

TranslateSA Products

Home-made Lingo

Contains 30 magnetic speech bubbles of daily ‘small talk’ translated into 5 colour-coded local lingos (English, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho & Afrikaans – including pronunciation tips), so you can build simple conversations and communicate in previously disadvantaged conversations!

TranslateSA Products

Slup Slango

Contains 150 magnetic skyfies (pieces) of lekker South African slang words sprinkled with definitions and sentence links for extra SA flovour!